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SHORT TERM MISSION TRIPS  -  By 2017, Footbridge has a goal of offering an average of three Short Term Mission Trips each year.  Depending on the needs in the region/country, we plan to offer a variety of healthcare services through the local indigenous churches and mission partners.   ​​


Footbridge is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides businesses and individuals the opportunity to sponsor or “scholarship” individuals to go on Short Term Mission Trips.  In order to provide quality healthcare on each trip we must take a certain number of medically qualified individuals. Footbridge is able to take your donations and help offset, or fully cover, the expenses of these necessary individuals which will ensure the best care is given to those seen by our clinics.



Footbridge is in a unique position to offer smaller churches, medical practices, and even individuals the opportunity to “sponsor” a Christian Medical Short Term Mission Trip.  With an extensive base of medical personnel connections and almost 20 years of mission trip experience, Footbridge is able to handle the logistics and planning of a Short Term Mission Trip that is sponsored by an organization or individual that has no previous experience.  Footbridge has a proven reputation of offering effective guidance and assistance throughout all stages of the planning and execution of a short term trip that can open the door to mission work for organizations and individuals who might otherwise never have the chance.


  • Peru - April, 2018  (Dental Exams)
  • Romania - Oct 27 - Nov 4, 2018  (Dental Exams)​
  • ​Possible NC clinics coming Fall '18 & Spring '19

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