Footbridge is a U.S. 501(c)3 organization making your contributions tax deductible. 

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SETTING UP A NAMED SCHOLARSHIP  -  Footbridge has the ability to set up a fund for businesses or individuals that want to establish a “named” scholarship in honor or memory of someone.  The donor then has the ability to give to this “named” scholarship knowing that the scholarship recipient(s) will be informed of the person being honored.  (Named scholarships require a minimum amount which must be maintained to remain an active "named" scholarship.)

CONTINUING EDUCATION MISSION TEAMS  -  In 2016, Footbridge is launching a new Short Term Mission Trip concept for teachers and educators.  We will be taking qualified instructors to different countries hosting one-week lectures, seminars, and hands-on training to encourage national educators through the indigenous churches.



STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS -  Footbridge is identifying qualified foreign national students and giving them the “hand-up” to achieve their educational goals and dreams.  Qualified students go through an interview process which considers their current family and financial situation along with personal maturity and spiritual walk.  Once a candidate is accepted, an individualized scholarship plan is discussed and agreed upon.  Donors that are giving to a particular individual, or to the program in general, are updated throughout the year on the progress of the student and have access to email and communicate one-on-one if desired.